Twitter could have a premium version, named Twitter Blue

Twitter could have a premium version, named Twitter Blue

For about a year, Twitter has been considering the possibility of creating a premium version of its application. And it could be that it will soon see the light of day.

Twitter Blue is the name given to the possible premium version of the bird social network that we all know. But what is it really? How much will it cost? What more will it bring? And when will it be released? Let’s do a check in.

A paid subscription version for even more features

First of all, you should know that, while the developers of the social network have been thinking about it for some time now, this is not an official announcement. Indeed, this is information given by Jane Manchun Wong, an application researcher. Thus, no date has been given for a possible exit.

In terms of functionality for this possible premium version, we could see the deletion and modification of tweets that are sorely lacking on the application. Thus, it will be possible to edit your tweet easily, but in addition, it would be possible to cancel a tweet. This is because the delete option would allow users to have between 5 and 30 seconds, depending on the settings, to unpublish the tweet acheter follower.

In addition, still on the functional side, we could see the collections appear. This would be a “bookmark” option to easily categorize your tweets so they can be found faster when needed.

As for the price, it would be a subscription that would cost $ 2.99 / month in America, or probably 2.99 euros / month in Europe. A price that remains low, although the additional features that currently appear to be planned are less so for now.

Finally, a last feature could emerge: a Twitter without any advertising. However, knowing the importance of advertising to the survival of social networks, it is likely that it will also be offered as a subscription, but at a price higher than 2.99 dollars or euros.

So, are you interested in that? I am skeptical.