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Welcome to the page where you will find everything you need to know about a real estate agent. Either out of curiosity or because you are thinking of becoming a real estate broker.

I would like to convey to all of you the passion I feel for this profession, for the real estate sector. For helping all the people who want to buy or sell a property. Since, in my opinion, it should be the main reason why a person becomes a real estate consultant.

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Obviously, there are many reasons why you might want to be a commercial or real estate agent.  Many enter because of how much a real estate agent earns, others because of free hours or because they do not have to attend a job every day.

Whatever the reason you have decided to be a real estate agent. If it is important enough to you, you will find the strength to get up every morning and focus on doing everything in your power to reach the best real estate agents in the world.

What is a real estate agent?

If you have wondered what a real estate advisor is, we must first clarify that this professional is also known as a real estate broker or real estate commercial. We can also hear the term Real Estate Agent (real estate agent in English), but it is of little use.

For me, personally, if we talk about what a commercial is and the definition of a real estate agent. He would be a person with a great desire to acquire new knowledge.  For knowing your strengths to exploit them to the maximum without neglecting that you must work on your weaknesses so that they stop being so.

Who understands that his future depends on his actions and without fear of failure, because he only fails when you stop trying to do something?

The real estate agent is a person who has specialized in providing advisory services, mediation and management of real estate transactions.  Whether it is sale, purchase, rental, transfer, assignment or exchange of properties.

Real estate consultant classes?

We could say that there are several ways to classify Realtors. Depending on the type of contract and company to which it belongs, or, of the client in which they have wanted to specialize.

Classification of Real Estate Agents according to Contract:

The salaried Real Estate Commercial

It is one who works for a real estate agency in exchange for a salary. As a general rule, it consists of a small base salary and a variable percentage of the turnover generated by the company.

Freelance real estate agent

It is similar to the previous one, since it also represents a real estate agency. However, in this case, he does not have any fixed salary, his income depending solely on the variable percentage, the commission of the real estate broker.

Independent Real Estate Advisor:

Unlike the previous ones, independent real estate brokers go on their own.  It works under its own criteria and quality standards, without the backing of an agency.

Types of Real Estate Advisor according to client specialization:

Sellers Real Estate Agent:

This professional has specialized in dealing exclusively with landlords.  That is, your main client is the owner of the property to be managed. However, this specialized agent must also have knowledge about buyers. Since to defend the interests of its clients as it corresponds, it has to help with the financing, taxes or other necessary points to close the operation.

Buyer’s Real Estate Advisor:

Similar to the previous one, but your main customer is the buyer.  For this reason, you must have extensive knowledge about financing, taxes, property valuation and, above all, psychological. These allow you to qualify your clients correctly, getting to know their needs better than they do.

Is it difficult to be a Real Estate Advisor?

The simple truth is that NO. Anyone can become a real estate agent. But, also, do it at a high level and aspire to become one of the best real estate agents in the world. You just must always keep in mind what a commercial is doing and be proactive.

That said, we must emphasize that it only depends on oneself.  Your desire and dedication will determine how far you can go. In this career as a real estate specialist, you will come across many ups and downs. If you learn to focus on your goals and follow the models of those who have achieved it before you, you are sure to become a successful real estate consultant.

What does a real estate manager do?

The real estate consultant performs many tasks in his day to day. However, its main function is precisely to advise both buyers and sellers throughout the buying and selling process.

They are the intermediaries between both parties, so they must evaluate the properties to advise the correct price in the current market and take care of the negotiations in a timely manner.

In turn, the property advisor must manage and organize visits efficiently. In this way, you will not miss opportunities to do business, thus avoiding harming your customers.

Among all the tasks that a real estate broker must perform, the acquisition of real estate, market analysis, client monitoring, contract drafting and tax advice, among others. However, we must emphasize that the most important in our entire sector is called Lead Generation.

In our section of real estate advisor functions you will find detailed all of them. We already anticipate that they are not few.

How should a real estate agent dress?

I am not going to lie to you, the way each person dresses is something very personal and there is no rule for it when you are a real estate broker. However, I would like to ask you a few questions.

Would you allow someone to show up in a tank top to sell your property? And with a tracksuit? With wrinkled clothes? With some flip-flops and a swimsuit?

I suppose that your answer will have been no, since a real estate advisor who does not take care of his image does not transfer confidence to us.

I want to emphasize that selling a property implies dealing with clients who want to spend Hundreds of Thousands of Euros. So, we hope that our real estate manager has a consistent, clean, tidy image that conveys seriousness, confidence and reflects his success.

Male Real Estate Broker:

It is not necessary to wear a suit, but it is advisable to wear a well-pressed shirt. Some Chinese type pants or dress cowboy, i.e., no broken or too worn colours are always a good choice. Also, accessories are important, a belt to match the shoes and a watch will help. I assure you that your client will not doubt that you are the correct real estate advisor to manage their property.

Female Real Estate Advisor:

Women always have more variety in terms of clothing we mean. A neat dress is always a valid option, but you can also combine jeans, dress pants or a skirt with a neat blouse. That said, we must emphasize that, if you opt for jeans, they should not be perforated or too worn.

In both cases we could combine it with an American, which always conveys the seriousness that a real estate agent should reflect.

Why hire a real estate commercial?

We are going to put some very simple examples that will help you understand it perfectly, where do you go when you want to buy bread? To a bakery. Where do you go when you want to buy meat? To a butcher shop. Where should you go to buy a property? To a real estate.

When we are looking for something specific, we always want the help of someone who has specialized in that matter.  When it comes to properties, the one who understands the most is a real estate manager.

You must bear in mind that a real estate agent or broker dedicates 100% of their working hours to managing properties. At the same time, to learn about financial issues, urban planning, negotiation, marketing. In short, to acquire all the necessary knowledge to manage a property in the best possible way.

Many homeowners find this job easy. This is because they are not aware of all the actions that a real estate broker takes to sell a property. They tend to think that we just create an ad and wait for customers to contact. If this were so, the truth, we would not be necessary.

Having your real estate agent implies that your property:

  • You will have professional photographs.
  • We are specialized in applying positioning strategies both on portals and on social networks.
  • All clients will be served in the shortest possible time.
  • Potential buyers will be correctly qualified to avoid visits with those who really cannot buy.
  • We will anticipate any unforeseen events that may arise so as not to harm the operation.
  • You will be informed about the news of the real estate market.
  • Advice throughout the process, both you and the buyer will be correctly aware of the taxes that each one must pay.
  • Their goal is to defend your interests, whether it’s selling at the best price or negotiating for the lowest price.

I could continue with this list, since the functions of a real estate advisor are many, but I think you have gotten the idea. Having a real estate mediator is always the best option to sell or buy a property.

Slogan for real estate agents

When we talk about a slogan or motto for a real estate producer, I must emphasize that there are many and they depend on each advisor. If you want to create one that defines your services, the first thing you should do is focus on the needs of your customers.  Depending on whether you are a seller or a buyer, you must ask yourself, what do they expect from their real estate agent?

Real Estate Advisor to Selling Clients:

They all want the same thing, sell their property at the highest possible price. However, it will not take an eternity and have to solve the many problems that can arise in a sale. For this client, the slogan most used by real estate agents is:

Sell ​​as soon as possible, at the best price and without complications.

Buyer Clients Real Estate Agent:

In this case they agree that they do not want to have problems at the time of the sale. However, they want to pay as little as possible and in turn, visiting the minimum possible properties. For this reason, if your goal is to become a buyer’s agent, a good motto would be:

Find your new home, at the lowest price, with few visits and without complications.

Where does a real estate manager work?

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest attractions of the career as a real estate agent, since it can be done from anywhere with coverage and internet access.

For this reason, despite the fact that the most common is that you belong to a Tajarat properties. Which provides you with a physical place where you can meet with your clients and formalize contracts giving an image of seriousness. There is no need to go to the agency.

Almost all real estate agents have a home office. However, this is one of the main reasons why many of those who embark on this race, do not come to fruition. We must emphasize that a work environment always helps to be more productive. You will learn from your colleagues and solve any doubts that may arise with them.

To rise to the top in the real estate profession, you must focus. Eliminating day-to-day distractions, fight with everything you have and leave your skin behind.  Therefore, even if you do not have to go to your office, we recommend that you do so. Thus, you will take advantage of the knowledge of your colleagues to continue improving until you are the best real estate agent in your company.

Why be a real estate agent?

There are many reasons that can lead you to become a real estate agent, and they will not be the same for each of you, let’s discuss the most common: 

A real estate agent wants to Help Others:

For me, this is the one that should give you the impetus to become a real estate agent. Buying or selling a property is one of the most important decisions that a person will make throughout their life, which is why it generates many doubts and questions.

When you are ready to solve them and you manage to help your clients, a feeling of satisfaction will invade you that will make all your effort worthwhile.

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High income of the Real Estate Agent:

Unlike other careers, the real estate agent does not have limited income, depending on his effort and work methodology, he can earn as much as he intends.

Time freedom that real estate advisers have:

Another of the benefits that those who immerse themselves in the real estate sector seek the most flexibility. However, despite being your own boss and determining how many hours you dedicate to your work, this is still a job and we recommend a 36 or 40 hour shift a week.

A good Real Estate Agent has no obligation to attend an office:

Freedom is how it is best defined.  Seeing the light of day is motivating, moving to meet your customers or attend visits. This allows you to get to know the city and enjoy the world as it is even while you are working.